The meaning of Buttercups


The meaning of Buttercups

Buttercups! Could a word sound lovelier? Just the thought of buttercups puts a smile on the face and a spring in the step. This cheery flower grows wild and blankets fields and roadsides with sunny yellow blooms. Often found growing alongside daisies, it is a favourite among children. Do you remember holding a buttercup beneath your chin to see if you liked butter?

And why, I hear you ask, am I talking about buttercups? Well, it happens that buttercups are one of the flowers attributed to the zodiac sign of Virgo and we are in that sphere of the astrological year. Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac is represented by a maiden – a Virgin usually with a sheaf of wheat in her arms. Which begs the question; why a sheaf of wheat is not the plant of choice for this sign? Anyway, it is the humble buttercup that we are looking at and, although perhaps it may object to being called ‘humble’, to my mind that word describes a flower that is not presumptuous or showy or one that flaunts its loveliness but rather one that lets you discover for yourself its gentle, sunny aspect. Being so unpretentious may give folks the idea that the buttercup is just one of your run of the mill flowers but, there they would be wrong. Let me enlighten you about this unassuming bloom.

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What topics are people most interested in when giving a reading?

Psychic ReaderWhat topics are people most interested in when giving a reading?

Maybe I will have better luck this time of doing a 500 word article, which Matu has asked for our newly formatted e.newsletter.  Last time I tried it turned out to be 2,900 so wish me luck this time.  After Meditating and asking for God’s guidance for the day and seeing to Facebook here I am ready and willing.

I have decided to work with my Circle Topic  cards, and after shuffling many times the topic that turned up was actually the one we discussed in our Tuesday night Circle.  Funny that!

‘What topics are people most interested in when giving a reading?’

I turned this around for us to think about - what are we most interested in when we are receiving a Reading?

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How does sound work as a healing modality?

Board saying Good Vibes OnlyHow does sound work as a healing modality?

If you have come to any of the groups or courses that I run, sound work is always very important.  From the very beginning of our lives sound is part of our way of expressing our innermost thoughts and feelings, you only have to be around babies and toddlers to realize that.  They have no filter and it is all in the open for everyone to hear.

Somewhere in childhood we get the message that feelings need to be hidden so we start by being quiet, to keep our feelings in check, to put on a stiff upper lip, to not show when we are hurting.  We bury them deep within, hiding them even from ourselves.  I have observed what happens with some children when they do this. Some become quiet and others become very loud, most probably because we are all born with a tendency to be either introverted or extroverted in our personalities.

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Other News From The Light Workers Way

River imageOther News From The Light Workers Way

We have so many more plans for the coming year such as another Crystal, Colour and Chakra Course, which will be partly on line and have practical in house elements as well

Follow us on Facebook where we share the current Crystals around you with knowledge of the Sun Sign, Tarot Card, and the House element we are working with.

Our Lifestyle Workshops will continue on Fabulous Fridays that can be anything from making Kombucha and Water Kefir, to Sound and Numerology Workshops, we have so many ideas and will let you know as soon as they are solid.  Liann O’Rourke comes along on the 4th Friday of every month to give 1½ hour massages for $75.  Bookings essential.

Thank you for allowing us to reach out to you on-line with Facebook, Meet Up and Nebo and thank you for sharing our posts to get the word out there.

Through our work we support Spiritualist Centers in Mornington, Seaford, Cheltenham and the VSU in North Melbourne.  I am at the VSU on 15th April and Matu and I will be at Seaford on April 29th.  We are always happy to support fund raising activities.

Many of our Readers are on board for Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Exhibition Building in the City on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend 8-11 June.

Reiki News

Reiki NewsReiki News

Congratulations to Joeline, Sue and Heidi (Heidi was repeating a Course conducted someone else), who along with Matu, a Master Student completed the last Reiki I Course.  As I run the Course over a period of time, you can really see the effects it is having on their personal lives; establishing the discipline of Self Reiki and sharing all the experiences along the way. We also examine and review the different techniques and have time for deepening our knowledge of Reiki.  It allows the student to be fully supported during this time and Joeline, Matu and Heidi also joined us at our Reiki Development Day.
There may be many different reasons why people wish to do a Reiki Refresher Course. Sometimes it is that they wish to be reconnected to Reiki after a long absence, or they feel they didn't get enough information from a previous course. Sometimes it's because

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