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Taught in the traditional way, a gentle
& loving energy healing modality


 Spiritual Guidance

Gain clarity and answers
with messages from Spirit


 Crystal Therapy

Find Balance and Release with a Crystal session


WorkshopsHere are some online
and face-to-face training

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We are The Light Workers

As we build this website and bring forth the wisdom whispered into our minds and ears we share willingly and openly so that all may reach up and accept the blessings that are showered down upon us a Seekers.
This site is a portal to information and insight brought to you by willing participants on the path to awareness. We invite you to join us either face to face in our Circles, Festivals, Workshops or as a client, or simply by browsing the work you will find in the pages within. However you wish to connect we welcome you.
As Light Workers it is important that we state what we stand for,
“Of benefit to all, with harm to none”.
In this world there are few places where we can go to receive unconditional love. To be amongst people who truly care for your wellbeing; to have a group of people who are managed with the best intentions for the group as a whole is a rare thing.
Whilst we cannot say that we have been 100% successful with the above declaration, because after all we are human, we can that to the best of our abilities we have kept true to our word.
We are not an ego or fear based company, we try at ALL times to see what si the fair thing and the kindest thing to do, and we truly wish absolute “Benefit to All” who are involved, both working and visiting “The Light Workers Way”.
As far as, “With Harm to None”, we have procedures in place that protect the Readers, Healers and again you, who so generously visit us. We get to personally know all our Readers and Healers. On the rare occasion where we see that someone has been upset by a Reading or Healing, we do our utmost to address any issues that come up.
It is not our job to judge anyone. We are here to let you see the highest aspect of who you are, and to love you just as you are.
We are making a stand for our world community, starting with generosity of spirit, thereby enriching the lives of all. Nurturing and supporting each other through our good times and our difficult times.
We recognise that we are all one, and we all deserve PEACE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE and COMMITMENT.
Sheila Morgan and Maureen Mallet (Founders of “The Light Workers Way”)