Psychic Festival News

Hi Everyone,

As always, what a wonderful day we had at the end of January and now we are looking forward to 29th February for our second Psychic Festival for the year.  We will be celebrating Harvest Time, Community and Leap Year.

We love to give space for worthwhile community activities and this time Jan, a volunteer at the Hastings Police Senior Citizens Register, was selling calendars, (only $10), to help raise funds for the Police who suffer from PTSD and our intention is to have the calendars available again at our Leap Year Festival.

The Living Reiki Team were again giving Living Reiki’s at $10 for 10 minutes, to raise money for families, mums and babies in our local area, (, and for Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer in Vietnam.  My home “book sale” is going quite well and the monies raised will be given to the Bush Fire appeals.  Thank you for supporting us as we know every little bit helps and you know that it makes a difference in our communities.

The best thing is that whilst we give, we are also having a great day, and everyone enjoys our friendly and caring atmosphere so, we hope you will join us at our next Psychic Festival on 29th February.  Don’t forget to come along early to join in our Group Guided Meditation at 9.40 am.  As always, there are plenty of Demonstrations planned throughout the day. I love my spot at 12 noon and know that each of us has something special to share.  Look out for our Facebook postings and thank you for sharing the information - word of mouth is always our favourite calling card. 

From our heart to yours

Sheila Morgan

Maureen Mallett

All The Light Workers Way Crew