The Light Workers Way provides many services to encourage you on your personal journey, all sessions are a healing experience, and can unlock stresses in your system.  By uderstanding where there has been confusion, and dis-ease, our personal sessions are about comforting and awakenings, and thereby giving you guidance for the future.  Time is given to all these processes and can take anywhere between 2 - 3 hours and it is encouraged that you give yourself time to rest afterwards.

Spiritual Guidance Readings

Gain clarity and answers to your questions with messages from Spirit.

The Session contains a short Reiki, a guidance message time covering many different aspects of your life, an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, and we complete with a 21 stone crystal reading.

You are welcome to record the session from your phone.

It is approximately two hours long and we recommend that you rest afterwards.

Reiki Session

This session will awaken your own healing abilities. Your highest self knows where you need the Spiritual Energy that is Reiki and in this time you are taken to a deep level of rest and the Universal Life Force is channeled through to you.

When you first arrive you receive a luxurious foot bath and relax on a shiatsu massage mat.

Then a full Reiki is given with crystals and sound work. When that is complete you are grounded with sweet and salty refreshments and a chat about your experience and any messages that came through during the Reiki.

To obtain maximum results it is recommended that you have 3-4 sessions.

Psychic Development Circle


A Circle is a safe space to explore your spirituality and psychic self under the careful guidance of an experience Psychic Medium.

Sheila has over 20 years experience leading and teaching Psychic Development with many professional Mediums spending time learning from her.

If you are curious, or being prompted to explore this natural part of yourself then join us as we learn how to open to Spirit, how to protect ourselves, how to close down once our work is complete as well as discover where your talents lie - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Claircognisance.

Most of us will have had some sort of psychic experience, either a direct message or a happening that we simply can’t deny is coming from somewhere we can’t explain.

Some of us are more in tune with spiritual energies and wish to know more about them so that we can work with them in our own lives and enhance our communication with others whether that be family, friends or business colleagues.  Others still, will want to go on to make this a profession, a career pathway to help others in their journeys.  The great thing about our Circles is that they cater for everyone; the enquirers who are taking their first step on to the pathway, right through to the professionals who wish to belong to a soul tribe, all working together with the highest intentions.  

Each week we discuss, share our wisdom and Meditate on a different spiritual topic, focusing on healing ourselves and others; working on our intention of knowing how best to use our sixth sense or spiritual connections. We do this by practicing giving Readings in different ways and with so many topics to choose from we cover the various aspects of Circle work.

Psychic & Wellbeing Circles


  • Monday 7-9 Fortnightly


  • Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm Weekly
  • Thursday 1pm - 3pm Fortnightly
  • Thursday Closed Circle 7pm - 9pm
    Investment: $20-25 p/session
    Private Circles are available - $60 per session