How we began

The Light Workers Way was founded by Sheila Morgan and Maureen Mallet as a project to establish a community of like-minded people working within the Spiritual Industry. Our first Festival was held in April 2003 and at this time there were very few festivals or opportunities for Psychics, Mediums and Healers to get together and showcase their gifts to the wider community. Since 2003 we have been running  five festivals per year since then - first in Somerville, then Tyabb, and now in Mt Eliza.

Our purpose is ....

  • to demonstrate that Spirit is real and wanting to work with us
  • to build a community of Spiritually minded people actively seeking to connect with Spirit
  • to provide a platform to learn, to grow and heal individuals as well as the community

and this has resulted in The Psychic and Wellbeing Festivals giving opportunities for mediums, healers and creative people to work professionally and passionately. We also wanted to supply a safe and nurturing environment for the general community giving them spiritual support and upliftment that is needed in this busy society that we all live in.

Meet the founders

Sheila MorganSheila Morgan

Sheila Morgan has been studying Mediumship since 1987, after being in a Psychic Development Circle for two years she began her own private practice and was invited to give regular lectures and demonstrations of her psychic abilities at Spiritualist Centres in Victoria.  She continued to attend Kath and Rob Saunders Psychic Development Circle and after studying for seven years she began her own Circles in 1994 with their blessing.  Sheila currently has four Psychic and Wellbeing Circles one in Hadfield near the city and three on the Mornington Peninsula.  Always available for private spiritual guidance sessions and happy to work with small groups

Sheila began her journey with Reiki in 1990, becoming a Reiki practitioner in 1994, she became a Reiki Master in 1999, and has been teaching regularly since then.  As a practicing Reiki Master Sheila holds regular Reiki Clinic Days (five times a year), we have an Outreach Program for members of the Community in need.  Courses in Reiki I, II, III and IV are run with as much detail and tradition as possible Reiki I and II are four day courses and III and IV over a 6 month period, alongside a private practice.  

Sheila has been perfecting a study course on Crystals, Colour and Chakras, which is currently being revised and will be available in the near future. Personal and Space Clearing Workshops are available as a one on one workshop in your home to create as much positive energy and to see to any unwanted energies that have become attached to the home or family members.  Sound and Movement is another favourite workshop.

Intuitive writing has always been part of her journey and along with writing her own Course Notes and Manuals she writes for The Light Workers Way Magazine and e.Newsletter.

"I am very grateful to have a strong team of 50+ talented people supporting the idea of The Light Workers Way serving our Community and allowing more people to do their heart work."


Maureen MalletMaureen Mallet

Manager and Co-ordinator, Maureen brings her amazing prowess in organisation and eye for detail, as well as being editor of The Light Workers Way Magazine and e.newsletters.

From Mim ...

"I have always had the sense that I was looked after. Perhaps that is because my Mum had the ‘sight’ as we called it in our family, and I was exposed to the idea that death was not the end of the road but merely a jumping off point to the next life. Throughout the years I have investigated the Spirit world attending various meetings and Spiritual Churches around Victoria. However, my journey really took off when I joined an evening Circle that Sheila Morgan was running in Mornington. It opened my mind to the possibilities of working with Spirit everyday and gave me, and still gives me, a place to practice mediumship, to try out my skills as a speaker and to spend time with like-minded people.

I studied Reiki I and II with Sheila and I have worked as part of The Light Workers Way Reiki Healing Team giving Reiki treatments to those who were in need of that healing touch. I am an active member of her Thursday afternoon Circle.

When Sheila broached the idea of a Spiritual Day where people could give of their professional experience and share their connection with Spirit in an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgement, all those years ago, I jumped on board. Not that I would practice as a Medium – no. My talents lie in the organizational arena. I could see that this was something that was needed and that we could make a difference to the community around us and society in general.

I enjoy my work with The Light Workers Way and I am grateful that I have been able to expand my abilities not the least of which, is gathering in our fabulous Readers, Healers and Stall Holders and dealing the various councils and advertising agencies. Working in business had not been my experience but, through working with Sheila, I was encouraged to stretch my talents and expose my ‘business voice’. Another part of my job is to edit the articles that Sheila writes and to research the Zodiac information which appears in our Magazine. I also prepare the Magazine for publication, then organise the printing for each Festival.

“I am so chuffed to be doing this work. It has broadened me beyond my wildest dreams. I have encountered many lovely folk and have learned so many lessons, not the least of which is how to work in a Circle and how important it is to connect with my Spirit every day. I think we are on an adventure, sailing our ship sometimes into uncharted waters but, there always with the knowledge that we never do anything alone. There is always someone to back me up, to gently guide me and take over when necessary. I believe in the work we are doing. I believe that as we give so we will receive but, I also know that is not our raison d’etre. Rather it is as, Dr. Bob said, “to live a life of sane and happy usefulness”."


Meet the team

Matu ApiataMatu Apiata

"As a small child I remember knowing things and upsetting my parents by being a 'know-it-all', sadly I learned quickly to suppress whatever I was using to make things easier.

And yet my curiosity stayed with me and despite belonging to a non-spiritual family and one that didn't read widely at age 14 I was studying Tibetan meditation practices and working on my astral travel skills.

Needless to say I was very different to my family.

Fast forward a decade or so, recovering from drugs and alcohol issues and deep seated rage I was gifted a book ... A Course in Miracles.

I tried reading it but found myself lost and not able to comprehend the teaching until I meet someone who would later become my wife. Pauline introduced me to a Spiritual community and it was the beginning of my re-discovery.

Over the following years I got on with life, developed a career within the fitness industry culminating in the purchase of a gym in the western suburbs of Melbourne. During this time I continued learning recognising that Spirit had continued working with me, guiding me and nudging me until they guided me to a poster announcing a Festival in a hall based in Tyabb. The desire to visit was overwhelming!

This was in 2008. I joined the many enjoying a vibrant and wonderful Festival and during a demonstration at midday I received a reading from a Medium called Sheila Morgan. In that moment I knew I had meet my Spiritual Teacher.

I joined Sheila’s Psychic Development Circle and began my journey back … reconnecting and remembering what I thought I had lost.

Through out this time I continued to be a student of A Course in Miracles and I love how when Spirit wants you to follow a path, even if you wander in another direction or throw away the book, they bring it back.

I have received the book twice as a gift only to pass one on and throw the other away. Then one day I was passing Robinson’s Book Store in Frankston, attempting to avoid going in (I love finding interesting books) when Spirit told me very loudly there was a book waiting for me … so in I went.

They showed me to the book shelf. Now for some reason the staff were shifting the books so almost all the books had been removed from the shelf I was guided to and there was only one left, and guess what, it was A Course in Miracles!

Its times like these when the prudent option is to give in and do as you are told.

But I’m a stubborn person so it takes me a while to listen, like the time when I thought I needed to pursue my Business Coaching career. I left Circle and focused on making some money. Sadly, in 2015 - 2016 this resulted in severe depression, making it almost impossible to keep my business going and in October 2016 during a meditation I was told to return back to circle, that I needed to return to my Spirit work.

I listened and my depression has not returned. It’s funny how stepping fully onto your path bring things back into alignment and making things easier … ready for the next lesson."

Meet the Festival Crew

 The Festival Crew