Does Reiki wear off? Lets talk about Refreshment Courses

Quick answer is no. Reiki cannot wear off. Once you have been tuned in to Reiki, it lasts for a lifetime, and providing that you have had the correct number of tunings, it is a bond that cannot be broken. However, if you haven’t practiced Reiki or haven’t perhaps been taught in the correct manner, you may have a need to do a new Reiki Course with a different teacher or go on a refreshment course to remind you how great Reiki feels.

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Inspiration? Psychic Awareness? Mediumship? What is the difference?

Why do people come to learn about Psychic and Self-Development and why would they choose to join a Circle? Each Circle takes us on a journey to become more deeply aware of that inner light, to understand why it is there, what is its purpose and how to develop it.

Very few people come along to Circle who have never had something happen that they just can’t explain. We query co-incidences, wonder about déjà vu, ask how is it that we sometimes just know what is going to happen, and what about the feeling that we know someone and yet we have never met them before. Why do we feel closer to some people than others for no apparent reason? Why do we thirst to know more about some ancient culture or time in history?  Many of these questions can be answered by coming along to Psychic Development Circles, but for me it is so important that we know ourselves better, that we explore what our gifts are, and how can we best work with them.  That we ask ourselves how these gifts can be of help to others?

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Are all Reiki courses the same?

Quick answer is no but, rather than go into the negatives of that statement, I would prefer to give you hints of what to look out for, plus options of what you can do if you find that your Reiki teachings have left you with either a negative experience or disappointed in any way with no follow up on working with Reiki or help with any heavy de-stressing that might occur.

Reiki simply means Spiritual Energy which leaves a lot of space for interpretation – so to begin with look out for the Usui Method of Reiki, and ask about your Reiki Master’s lineage.

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Crystals – How I work with Crystals

I realize now that I have been working with crystals all my life; jewellery was always a favorite topic in our house and we admired lots of crystals when we went window shopping.  My Mum had a great collection and, my sister and I were brought up playing respectfully with Mum’s very fine jewellery.  

Mum along the way has passed parts of her collection to me which I honor and treasure, and my sister and children have given me wonderful gifts of jewellery; this makes me feel connected to them even when they are far away.

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The Number 5 and Emerald - the Stone for May

I have always been in awe of numbers. It is not that I am particularly good at working out what we used to call arithmetic, it’s just that because I feel rather inept in this area, I try harder to at least keep pace with number exercises or problems. I also think that numbers are much more that they first appear. Think about the Number 1. See how straight it stands. This is a number that will brook no opposition. Its very stance is evidence of its refusal to bend to the will of another. Oops – tangent.

Numbers are much greater in the affect they have on our lives than we might give them credit.  All this leads me on a quest to find how numbers can impinge on our lives for good or ill and so my interest in numerology is fostered. Now some may scoff but the fact is that numbers are all around us. We use numbers every day in every aspect of our lives. I wanted to see which number is allied to the gemstone for May so let’s get started.

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