How do we work with Healing in the Circle and what effect does it have?

The great thing about our healing time in the Circles is that before we begin, we talk about those we know of who are in particular need, also giving a welcome to babies arriving and a farewell to those who are passing back into Spirit, asking for beautiful energies to surround them and their families.  As we settle to the Healing Time we state, ‘Allow this room to become a Healing Temple of Light igniting all the Crystal energy and welcoming guides, loved ones, helpers and angelic beings to draw close’.  We then focus firstly to draw healing energies to ourselves; physically, mentally, emotionally, then we have a few minutes of silence to be aware of those settling within us.  We then declare we are infinite beings of light and work by connecting in with the Guides to channel through Spiritual Energy to all we have mentioned at the beginning plus everyone in our healing books and Reiki boxes.  We connect in all Circle members - past, present and a welcome to those who will join us in the future, especially mentioning absent Circle members and their families.

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What Happens in a Psychic Development Circle Session?

Circle central displayThis is a question often asked and some people are quite fearful or have wild expectations of what it means to belong to a Psychic Development Circle.  If you have been coming along to The Light Workers Way Psychic Festivals you will have already met some of the members of my Psychic Development Circles and I think it is safe to say we don’t have two heads, and are not strange in any way (my Mum commented on meeting Circle members, “They are really nice aren’t they?” I have no idea what she was expecting but yes, we are, and we come from all walks of life. Our one goal is to understand our psychic and spiritual awareness better.

We greet everyone with a hug (whether they like it or not). Most people arrive 15-20 minutes early, so they can have a chat whilst I settle the energy, giving everyone a glass of water, and reminding us to switch off phones.  Any new members fill in our Healing and Circle book and we review what will happen in the session. 

A topic is chosen in various ways but more and more we are taking topics from our own Light Workers Way Psychic Development Cards unless it is an Open Circle of Light where the season is the topic.

After our Open Discussion we start to settle by Opening the Circle. We do this with prayer and a short ritual which creates the idea that we are turning from the outside world to the world within, asking for protection and welcoming all those seen and unseen to the Circle. 

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Labradorite - is this the right crystal for me?

LabradoriteLabradorite - is this the right crystal for me?

With the recent Lunar Eclipse and the retrograde positions of many of the key planets in our solar system, you could be forgiven if you feel exhausted, a bit confused and maybe a little vulnerable.
This alignment has asked us to let go or release emotional baggage that may be holding us back, reminding us that it is time to learn the lessons of the past and embrace the changes happening now.

It is time to change the tapes in our mind and play a different tune so that what we experience in our future is different to the past.

I found myself feeling more emotional in that, usual flashes of anger would pop up as irritability and frustration. My doubts spiked, and I second guessed my choices but, rather than reaching for the wine, I asked for a crystal to help me through this time and the coming few weeks.

It can be confusing with the different crystals that are available and, as usual, there is that sense of feeling conflicted as to the right choices; it can be a hard to decide which is the best for the task at hand. a hard decision to make.

So, I asked for some guidance and I was shown my favourite stone - Labradorite

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How to use Reiki to stay connected

Reiki HeartHow to use Reiki to stay connected

At this time of year, it is natural that we wish to get away from the winter blues and are all looking for fresh energy and new beginnings.  We have set the pace by having our Spring Psychic and Spiritual Festival which was a lovely day, full of joy and community, The Light Workers Way will continue now with our Spring Equinox Open Circle celebrating and remembering the energy of balance and, our Reiki Day on Saturday 29th September.  We want these to be events that you are just as comfortable to attend as our Festival.

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Spring Equinox - 23 September 2018

Daffodils emerging from snowSpring Equinox - 23 September 2018

In ‘The Light Workers Way’ Magazine there is a great article about things that you can do for your family and friends at this Spring Equinox time.  The Open Circle gets us to think and move with the flow of life.  Equinoxes are about balance because day and night are in balance, reminding us to think about what we are creating and give us opportunities to help each other grow in positive directions and with love.  This is the time we make our lucky charms and we all need a little extra luck in our lives.

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