All Hallows Eve, Samhein or Festival of the Dead

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Eve of 30th April – 2nd May 2018 ~ Open Circles of Light Celebrations – 23, 24 and 26 April

This is the end of the Natural Year.  The Wheel of the Year has completed its cycle beginning at The Winter Solstice and finishing at Samhein.

We leave our gardens and fields fallow after this time so that the soil may rest and be renewed.  Death is a part of life and the step before renewal and so this is the time we celebrate our ancestors, family and friends that have gone before.

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Wheel of Life ~ Autumn Equinox March 2018

 Open Circle of Light

Autumn Equinox Thursday 29 March 1-3

We are currently celebrating the second of the Harvest Festivals which was on 21st March.  This is the counterpoint to the Spring Equinox celebration and while both are points of balance where the days are the same length as the nights, now we are heading towards Winter.  Joining in with Community Harvest Celebrations to celebrate abundance with gratitude, it is a time of sharing your family story with family and friends.

The preparation of jams, pickles and preserves are important to help us

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Natural Energies January 2018

Natural Energies – Moon January 2018

Full Moon - 1st February in Leo powerful personal development, boost your self-trust and self-esteem and Happy Harvest Feast or Lammas – the traditional time of first harvest and a time of gratitude.

Dark Moon - 15th February, consider leaving behind a bad habit, burden or feelings of regret.

New Moon - 16th February in Aquarius – think wild and free, an inventive moon to boost ideas and creativity.
Full Moon in Virgo on 2nd March – explore the getting of wisdom, clarity and letting go of what no longer fits into your new life. Rest, reflect and restore on the Dark Moon 17th March. Harvest tuber or root vegetables at this time.

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