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Alex has worked as an astrologer for many years and has a wealth of experience. Her accurate astrology services include information about Life Issues; Your Year Ahead which takes into account planetary transitions, (movement of planet during a lifetime), secondary progressions (indicate the unfolding of major life trends), and solar returns (mark the start of your personal year); Personal Horoscope Readings.

Alex Luck Astrology Planets

Author: ‘Speaking is NOT Worse Than Death’ and ‘From the Heart with Tears: Plan and Deliver a Heartfelt Eulogy’.
Kaylene is on a mission to erase the fear of speaking. She says, “You don’t need to fear speaking; speaking is a learned skill and you can master it” and she shares tips and tools to help other overcome their fear of speaking in public.

Sixteen years ago, Kaylene made the life-changing decision to face her fear of speaking. Fear of speaking used to consume her, but now with hundreds of speaking opportunities under her belt, she is a motivational speaker who helps others to overcome their fear of speaking.

Kaylene believes that when our actions match our values, we unlock our true path. In 2019, she decided to close the door on her 26 years career in the Australian Public Service to be a full-time coach, speaker and live her true path.

Kaylene is a certified World Class Speaking Coach and certified Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach. She has a Diploma of Government - Management and Certificate IV Training and Assessment. She has been a member of Toastmasters International for 16 years, regularly volunteering for leadership roles at Club and District levels.

Kaylene Ledger    

Angie is the ‘go to’ person for information about crystals and their crystalline energy.  She believes that we don’t choose a crystal – the crystal chooses us. Angie also believes that we can learn to use crystals for physical, mental and emotional healing as well as the most important attribute of spiritual healing. She looks for unusual and beautiful crystals and often finds stunning examples of formations that are wonderful specimens of what mother nature has to offer. Join Angie in her workshop where she will show you how to connect with crystals, how to work (and play) with them, how the simple presence of crystals in both your home and work environments can create a change in the vibration of the surrounding area.
Angie has been guided by her crystals and guides to offer participants a gift of a crystal which has been energised by her master healer crystal,


Amethyst Flower  Labradorite

I love books! Books can take me places that I would never be able to visit physically. Books allow me to step into their pages and lead me to discover all manner of things I never thought it possible to know. Over many years I have read and recommended them, sold and passed them on to those who are discerning enough to want more than just a title although, some titles can cause me to jump into a book that, on appearance, would not have engaged me at all. I have a plentiful stock of books to delight, interest, educate and, most of all, engage the mind and enliven the Spirit. Open your life to the myriad of ideas, beliefs, novelties and experiences that only a book can provide. When you visit my book site I promise you will not walk away without a new friend - in the form of a book.

Pile of Books Book Butterfly





Birthday coming up? Christmas is on the way too and what better place to get in early than to visit Diane at her display and take in the array of lovely cards for all occasions. If you are like me and want more than just any old card, then Diane’s cards are for you. But wait – there’s also wrapping paper and note paper and oh so much more.

Cards on display  Cards

Heather Rose’s beautiful stirling silver gemstone jewellery is sourced from around the world to bring you the most up to date in gemstones and trendy designs at affordable prices.  All pieces are handcrafted by silversmiths and designers of jewellery and are one of a kind with precious and semi-precious gemstones.
Her selection consists of rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings.  If you are looking for a quality piece of jewellery, then look no further than Heather Rose’s display.

Jewellery Stand  Pendant Display  More Pendants






Kathryne has a post graduate degree in Homeopathy and is a shamanic and esoteric healer. She stocks an amazing collection of Tarot and Oracle cards, Louise Hay books, pure incense granules and many other products including dreamcatchers, affirmation banners, space-clearing sprays, smudge sticks and CD’s on meditation and mindfulness.

Stand Image Stand Image 2






“Awaken your intuition and soul" with the recently released, 
self-published inspirational card deck and guidebook. 
 A “tool” to be used as a daily companion for focus and guidance
or for personal, accurate readings RRP. $32.95

FREE: Personalised message by the author with every deck. 
Purchase: Directly at the Festival or 
See website for further details: Workshops commencing May 2019
 Enquiries contact Lena: 
 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
 M: 0449 587 565

 Lena Matheas






All my jewellery is created to balance the Chakras. To do this it only needs the right colour crystal at each Chakra which then repeats to create a continuous energy flow. Depending on which crystals I use in each of the colours for each Chakra, the piece of jewellery takes on healing properties as well as balancing the Chakras. Every piece of jewellery I make has an owner. The piece of jewellery that is best for you will have the healing properties you need at this particular time, but there will be others that are suitable, ones that you may prefer which may mean you are not ready for the strength of healing that the best would give you. Sometimes you need to wait and heal other things first.

Sue Manning Chakra Jewellery









Rachael specialises in creating beautiful hanging crystals. Her designs are uniquely her own and reflect her personality. Visit Rachael at her display and delight in the energy of these beautiful items.

Hanging Crystals Hanging Crystals Expo







I am a Reflexologist and Kinesiologist and am registered as a practitioner with the Reflexology Association of Australia and Australian Traditional Medicine Society. I work with my clients to assist them to reach their full potential on many levels.

The crystals pulled me into their realm about 19 years ago and I have worked with them in my practice in various ways ever since. During a session I work intuitively with the keepers of each crystal and do not overthink why I have been drawn to any particular crystal. It never ceases to amaze me after a session, when I delve into the virtues of the crystals I have been guided to use on a client, just how relevant and appropriate it was to allow the client to connect with that energy or energies.  

Because of this I have branched out into making jewellery for my clients to purchase and use as an extension to their sessions and assist them in everyday life. I am also sourcing crystals to sell

You can contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crystals for sale  Crystal Jewellery

Originally i love art at school and have studied to improve my skills talents over past 20 years.

I have studied under some very talented artists-including:

Margaret Metcalfe         Watercolours

Manwell  Casar                Sketching / Mixes media

Danielle Robertson         Fundamental  Drawing.

Craig Penny                     Acrylic and water colour

Maxine Wade                 Watercolours

I only recently was confident enough to put couple of pieces in an exhibition and sold one 1st time I entered and it gave me such pleasure to know that someone appreciated what i had produced enough to purchase it. I a

Have also sold some pieces privately to friends and acquaintance. I also produce my own,

Birthday and Christmas cards for family and friends and receive from them many compliments, and encouragement from them to exhibit.

As well as formal studies, I have privately studied practiced some of the more unusual art forms, including scratchbording, collage and various multimedia forms.

Last year I was drawn to totem animals, I have starched them and scratchborded them.

I am a member to Mordialloc Lapidary club. So i am doing Jewellery there.

Member of MPRG

The Guild Galley Tyabb inc

Glen Eira Cheltenham Art Group Inc

Artwork by Mavis Artwork by Mavis 2






Marcia has worked with nature in the form of crystals and clay to create sculptures that, not only surprise and delight, but bring a depth of understanding about the creatures depicted.

Crystals and Clay Sculptures

Kellie has a unique range of natural healing crystal gemstone obelisks, crystal points, spheres and wands. These are larger than those usually found at fairs or festivals, and her prices are fabulous. Visit Kellie’s site at in the foyer at The Light Workers Way Festival.

Crystal Spheres  Crystal Obelisks



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