Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2020!

We are looking forward to our New Year Festival on the 25th January at Mt Eliza Community Center.

We do hope that you have had a great time with family and friends over the recent weeks.  We were very lucky to start ours with a gathering of Circle members for a meal at the Seaford RSL. All of us were super relaxed as the business of the main Christmas and New Year festivities were over and there were plenty of tales to tell of how we all went with our family and friend occasions.  I have noticed for myself that when something has gone wrong it usually leaves us with a funny story to tell.  Mine was not noticing that I had left the egg yolks out of the 2 Lemon Meringue Pies until they were in the oven.  There was a moment of panic, should I try and rescue the situation but then decided, “oh well too late”.  When they got to the table, they tasted okay but were gloopy so will forever be known as Snot Pie a dessert which will take me years, if ever, to live down.  I am sure you have your own disasters (funny stories) to remember.

I am sure all our prayers are with the people, animals and natural habitats that have been suffering from the bush fires and gratitude for the amazing firefighters, medics, co-ordinators and volunteers who are looking after everyone sometimes to their own detriment.

Someone asked, do you think we should be having our Festivities with so much hardship going on in our country, and my thoughts are that whatever we are doing to make our communities stronger is the best thing that we can be doing, whatever we can do to send out our positive prayers and share our wealth with those who have lost so much is the best thing we can be doing. 

Together we are strong, and we hope to see you at our Psychic Festival on Saturday 25th January 2020 to not only strengthen our community but to raise much-needed funds on our Living Reiki stand for those at risk.

The Light Workers Way wishes you all the best for 2020 and welcomes you to explore this year of the Chinese White Metal Rat which begins on Saturday, 25th January with us. You will find lots of information about this chappie in our Magazine and too the meaning of Number Four and how it may influence us as we go through this year. Don’t forget, you can book online for both your entrance fee and a session with your favourite Reader in the morning.  As usual, we will gather for the guided meditation at 9.40am to welcome the beginning of the day, and you are welcome to join us for this amazing group meditation.

If you would like to start the year by learning Living Reiki, a Living Reiki Level I Course begins on Saturday 18th January. We also have an afternoon Workshop covering the meanings of Crystals and Numerology for the New Year planned for Saturday 8th February at the Mt Eliza Community Hall Demonstration Room, from 1pm-5pm. 

Please join us by booking online through our Website www.lightworkersway.com.

From our heart to yours

Sheila Morgan

Maureen Mallett

And all at The Light Workers Way