Hi Everyone,

The Summer Solstice and Christmas, along with celebrations for the New Year are all around us as we write and as always this is such a busy time of year.  With 2019 ending, we took a look at all that has been achieved and we consider that it has been a great year for The Light Workers Way. We are full of gratitude to everyone who has been a part of all our Psychic Festivals, Circles, Courses in Reiki, Crystals, Space Clearings along with everyone who seeks us out for private sessions during the year.

The Summer Solstice on Sunday 22nd December calls us towards the longest day and the shortest night of the year and this is when we find the balance between Fire and Water. Standing for Strength, Celebration and Pleasure, each spoke of the Wheel of Life leads us to reflect on what has been; to have gratitude for all the great things; to clear away any negativity, acknowledging the lessons that each experience has brought to us. The Solstices are particularly powerful times as the Sun rises just an almost imperceptible amount of time earlier compared to the day before, thus appearing to “stand still”, allowing us all to perhaps catch our breath consciously before we move forward once more.  It is a chance to really “see” our lives and question, “What do we love?”  “What do we wish to change?” This can give us the opportunity to review the way we live our lives, maybe open to us the opportunity to live a life of purpose, giving us the choice to do what feels right to us.  With the Sun at its zenith empowering us for the future this is an important time for wishes so, don’t be shy – ask for your heart’s desire.

The Light Workers Way wishes you all the best for the coming year and invites you to explore the intricacies of the Year of the Chinese White Metal Rat. Now, this begins on Saturday, January 25th which happens to coincide with our first Psychic Festival for the Year so you can learn more about this in The Light Workers Way Magazine, where you will also find lots of information about the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and the numerological influence for 2020 which is a Four year.

To help you start off the New Year in grand fashion we are holding a Workshop to study our individual Numerology for the year and, incorporated in that, will be a personal Vision Board session so, pop the date, venue and time in your calendar: Saturday 8th February at the Mount Eliza Community Hall Demonstration Room, from 1 pm - 5 pm.

From our heart to yours

Sheila Morgan

Maureen Mallett

The Light Workers Way