Gold rings

Definitely, as we wear jewellery they are usually surrounded by metal. Notice for yourself whether you favour silver, or gold jewellery? Do you notice that you sometimes change your jewellery with the seasons or how you are feeling at the time?

It is quite often the metal that is touching the skin which is of course a conductor of the energy along with the crystals.  All colours are either receptive or projective and this is the same for metals.  Let us look at the two most popular metals: -

Gold has a projective energy and projects power, healing, protection, wisdom, money and success. No wonder it has been treasured along the ages.  
Silver contains receptive energy and attracts invocation, love, psychism, dreams, peace, protection, travel and money.

We associate Gold as a Masculine or Projective energy and Silver as a Feminine or Receptive energy.

Some Crystals, such as Hematite, have metal within them which is used for grounding and energizing. It increases resistance to stress and has a positive effect on the bloodstream and is receptive because of its silver like sheen.

Pyrite has a projective golden energy that is good for money, divination and luck. It is also good for releasing the genius within you and helps you to work harmoniously with others.  It is no mistake that the Victorian Age leapt forward when a lot of the jewellery of the day contained marquisate which are actually tiny chips of Pyrite.

Have you heard of the saying someone is ‘Tinny’?  Well, Tin is a projective energy for divination luck and money.

Orgonites play with this metal energy in the home helping to counteract the radionic waves that surround us in our modern living. These crystals are very worthwhile as they protect us from the electromagnetic fields that emanate from the metals in all the appliances that surround us.

One thing I will leave you with is - go into your bedrooms and free yourself from as much electrical and metal interference as you can. Also limit the amount of crystals you have there; only use crystals with a receptive energy such as rose quartz, or milky quartz; you will sleep so much better.