Psychic Circle

My work as the facilitator of the Circle is to keep everyone safe and create a place of growth where their psychic and mediumistic abilities may flourish, allowing them to work with integrity and helping them to understand the gifts they are working with.

Some people find psychic experiences happen randomly and are super sensitive in life; it might be that you have unknowingly opened a doorway that you have no control over, you don’t know the quality of the guides that you are working with, and/or which realm they come from.  It is also rude and unprofessional to randomly walk up to people giving them a message from ‘spirit’.  It can be very exhausting and personally disruptive being open all the time and, if you haven’t asked permission to view another person, you are certainly not working in your integrity.

Opening and closing the Circle keeps us safe and disciplined within the energy of working with Spirit.  We must be careful not to work from ego, not to make our gift some sort of party trick.  In the safety of Circle, we learn to open up to Spirit at appropriate times and then at the end of the session we learn how to close down.  All these aspects help us to work with integrity in the sure knowledge that we will be taken care of.

This is why we sit in a Psychic and Self Development Circle and why we Open the Circle to invite the close connection to Spirit.  We raise our vibration to work with the highest of energies for the best intentions to be of service to the people we are working with.  At the end of the Circle we close down to make sure we are safe to go home and lead our normal lives.  It is important for us to learn how to work and deepen our connections with Spirit for our own life purposes and allow the energy to then flow through to others.

It does not mean at the end of Circle that we close down our intuition or inspiration from Spirit; it simply means we are working and then we are not working with our mediumistic skills, thereby becoming a controlled medium working with integrity as opposed to a loose cannon, not knowing who they are going to hurt or harm.

At the beginning of The Light Workers Way Psychic and Self Development Circles we open to the energy by being connected through prayer and an opening ceremony using Reiki Symbols, signifying that we are opening our auras in a safe environment, we state we have the full protection of this Circle.  At the end of our Session time, we close down the Circle with prayer, with gratitude for all that has been shared; the love, the laughter and the wisdom from both seen and unseen members of the Circle.  We ask that we are safe and well until we meet again and thank them always for their guidance and love and then declare, THE CIRCLE IS NOW CLOSED.  Each of us is responsible for brushing down our aura to become a more suitable size to go into the outside world.  We practice a Reiki exercise of Kenyoku and stamp our feet as we go outside into the fresh air to ground our energies after each session.  

I advise people not to open up between Circle times to begin with and this has two objects; to keep them safe and to start the discipline process.  If they do receive messages for others in between times, they are instructed to bring it to the Circle to discuss and never ever give someone a reading without asking permission first. This keeps everyone safe from unwanted attachments and questionable information.